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Randy L. Cooper Consulting Engineers
a small firm doing big things

Design, Administration, and Phasing

We are a small firm doing big things.  When the Forney ISD requested a new High School be designed and constructed in a very abbreviated time frame, our firm completed the design documents for this $79 million facility in under 4 months and the building was constructed in 13 months.   Architects, Contractors and Suppliers have complemented our completeness and practicality of our contract documents along with quick response to construction administration issues.

Project Types

Randy’s project experience has been primarily in education facilities with over 200 public and private school buildings and support facilities to date.  His other projects have included industrial facilities including Kraft, US Oilwell, International Truck, and Betz Laboratories, religious facilities, municipal buildings, and some large residential homes.   Randy has also provided consulting services to municipalities and contractors. 

Foundation Designs and Soil Differences

Texas is unique in its widely differing soil types and challenging moisture cycles.   Over the past 27 years in business, many different soil conditions have been encountered with successful design strategies.   Our firm has designed numerous foundations for expansive clays.  These foundations were designed with and without crawl spaces, using steel and concrete floor systems, drilled piers, piling, and spread footings.  Where the soils have been moderate to good, slab systems have been designed.  Throughout the years, our designs have encountered very few issues that required only minor, non-structural modifications to accommodate the structural needs.


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